frequently asked questions about task cobra

Review some of our most asked questions below. Still not finding what you’re looking for? Contact us a example@taskcobra.com.


take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions
How much money do you pay per task?

We do not pay much per task. We specifically designed Taskcobra and each task type so that completing a task requires as little time, work and commitment as possible.

Specifically, we pay different amounts per task, depending on the type of task, your location, and a few other variables. Our algorithm sorts the tasks to give you the most profitable tasks first. So, if you see the pay for each task dropping as you complete the tasks in your queue, you could stop and wait until tomorrow when there may be higher-paying ones available again.

How many tasks can I do?

You can do as many tasks as we have for you to do. In our early days, that might be just a few or even 0. But as we add more and more companies, your task queue will keep growing. If you complete all of your tasks for the day, there should be more tomorrow.

How do I earn money?

Taskcobra pays for each task completed accurately. We do not pay workers or charge companies for failed tasks. Our algorithm has several ways to identify inaccurate work. Our goal is to have zero tasks failed, and we are continually developing the algorithm. If you think a task was improperly failed, please message an admin.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to get paid?

Yes. We plan on adding more payment options in the future, but currently we only pay via PayPal.

Am I eligible?

The qualifications for this work is quite simple: you must be at least 18 years old, and you can read and follow instructions.

Taskcobra is a global site. Initially we will have more tasks for US workers, but it doesn’t hurt to sign up now. We will email you the first time we have tasks available that you are eligible to complete – that way you don’t have to constantly check to see when our first companies post their initial tasks.

How come I don’t see any tasks to do?

Taskcobra is just getting started. As we add more companies the number of tasks should grow in the weeks and months ahead. Until then, you might see just one or maybe no tasks to do in your queue. We appreciate your patience as we build Taskcobra into the best platform for workers possible.

What are Slingcoins?

Slingcoins are the digital currency for Taskcobra. You’ll earn Slingcoins by completing tasks. 1 Slingcoin is 1 cent USD. When requesting a payout, your Slingcoins will be automatically converted to USD.